Be Everything To Me

Be my eyes To see what is unseen Observing your abundance, Father You show that good lies deep in what you made Without you there's no clarity Without you life is scarcity Be everything to me Be my ears To hear and love the truth In which your Word rings true, My Teacher You help me to discern what wisdom cries Without you there's no sanity Without you all is vanity Be everything to me Be my brain To medidate on your ways Admir'ng your work, O Ancient of Days You stun my mind so I must sing your praise Without you there's no grand design Without you nothing stays in line Be everything to me Be my voice To speak always in love So set my tongue on fire, Spirit You fill my mouth with words to heal the world Without you all I say is void But your word cannot be destroyed Be everything to me Be my arms To take up my own cross To do the work you plan, O Gardener You make to prosper smallest seeds I sow Without you I am weak and small Without you I've no pow'r at all Be everything to me Be my feet That crush the crouching snake And trek to every people, my King You are the spring within my every step Without you no good news to bring Without you what would blisters mean Be everything to me © Zander Weather